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Solarni regulator 20A CMWD20 12V/24V

Solarni regulator 20A CMWD20 12V/24V

. Main features 
1. IP 68 waterproof level and aluminum outer shell is able to effectively prevent various different kinds of corrosion. 
2. Automatic identification of 12V/24V system voltage. 
3. LED digital display and waterproof key-operated operations, which makes use simple and convenient. 
4. Ternary form charging algorithm to equally charge storage battery every week, which can effectively prevent battery from imbalance and vulcanization so that service life of battery can be prolonged. 
5. Four working modes which make it convenient to use the product on various kinds of road lamps and monitoring devices. 
6. Externally installed temperature sensor is capable of high-accurate temperature compensation. 
7. Parameter settings can be stored if there is power failure. No need for repeated setting. It is simple and convenient to use. 
8. Various kinds of status indication. 
9. With over-charge, over-discharge, overload, short circuit and reverse connection protection.

10. With TVS lightning protection.

?. System instructions 
This solar controller is designed for solar DC power supply system, DC solar street light system. It has 
used the professional intelligent chip to control. There is only one button light touch switch to finish all 
the settings. The controller has many protective functions, for example, short circuit, over load, reverse 
polarity, over charge and over discharge protection. With detailed charging battery state, load, and 
breakdown signal LEDs. It can high precisely control cause of the chip can get battery data such as 
voltage, discharge current, environment temperature etc. It uses pulse width modulation battery charge 
mode, which can assure the battery at its best state and prolong its life span. It has many working 
modes and discharge choices, which can meet different users’ needs. 
III. Installation and wiring 
1. Installation of controller should be stable and the dimensions are as follows: 
Overall dimension: 104×8 0×2 8(mm) 
Installation dimension: 50×95.4(mm) 
Installation hole diameter: 5(mm)

CIJENA 319,00 kn