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JA Solar Jumbo 800W

800W JA Solar Jumbo

JA Solar launches 800 W solar panel – pv magazine International

The 120-cell panel – has quadruple layouts of PERC cells and features a triple-cut cell design with 11 busbars on 210mm wafers. It is the most powerful and the biggest, heaviest device on the market, with dimensions of 2,219×1,765x40mm and weighs in at 43.5kg. By comparison, a 585 W panel unveiled by a competitor this year measures 2,411×1,134x35mm and weighs 31.1kg.

According to the JA Solar panel’s product sheet, the JAM80S40 785-810 HRM module series is available in six versions which offer power outputs of 785-810 W and efficiencies ranging from 20.1 to 20.8%.

Open circuit voltage is reportedly 81.90-82.68 V and maximum power voltage ranges from 68.39-69.84 V, depending on the size. Short circuit current is said to range between 12.50 and 12.20 ampere and power tolerance is 0%/+5%.

The operating ambient temperature ranges from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, according to the manufacturer, and maximum system voltage is 1,500 V. The junction box has a reported IP 68 rating.

A closer look at JA Solar's new 785/810 W panel series – pv magazine  International

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