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    ">Interconnection:pre-wired junction box to group the DC production of the photovoltaic generator
    ">Pinstallationrotection:pre-wired DC/AC protection enclosure for Photovoltaic 
    ">Conversion:grid tied inverter converts the DC current supplied by the photovoltaic generator into AC current of which whole or part can be sold or consumed
    ">Communication:the data logger and software allow the local and remote monitoring

The Renewable Energies Business of Schneider Electric specializes in delivering grid tie inverters, off grid inverter-chargers and backup power inverter-chargers. Schneider Electric offers a world-class selection of grid tie solar products that range from grid tie inverters for residential use to grid tie inverters for large solar farms.

Our backup power inverter-chargers, off grid inverter-chargers and grid tie inverters feature industry leading efficiencies and meet the stringent CE and UL regulatory requirements as well as undergoing stringent quality testing. Schneider Electric not only offers products for the grid tie solar and off grid markets, but also world-class warranties on all our renewable energy products. Optional uptime guarantees are also available on all single phase and three phase grid tie inverters.

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