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MPPT TRIRON 4215 40A 12/24V

MPPT TRIRON 4215 40A 12/24V

MPPT TRIRON 4215 40A 12/24V

Product Features
• Self-identifying, load the driver for each module
• Modular design, varied combination to meet different requirements
• Support the hot swapping function(only for same model)
• Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the MPP loss rate and loss time
• Ultra-fast tracking speed, and high tracking efficiency ?99.5%
• Accurately tracking and recognizing of multiple MPP 
• Peak conversion efficiency of 98%
• Auto limit function of charging power and charging current.
• Compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries
• Wide MPP operating voltage range
• Full load operation during the working temperature range
• Auto reduce power function when charging in high temperature
• Multiple load work modes
• Battery temperature compensation 
• Real-time power statistics recording function
• Multiple LCD and LED display modules optional
• Master-slave interface module design, simultaneously view the controller and inverter operating data
• Dry contact design, remotely switch on/off external equipment
• Dual USB design, supply DC power for electronic equipment
• Perfect electronic protection function

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Protection function 
• PV over current protection 
• PV short circuit protection 
• Lithium battery low temperature protection 
• Night reverse charging protection 
• Battery reverse polarity protection 
• PV reverse polarity protection
• Battery over discharge protection 
• Battery over heat protection 
• Battery over voltage protection 
• Load short circuit protection 
• Load overload protection 
• Controller overheating protection 

EPSolar Triron MPPT 40A - Talma Energy Solutions

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