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GROWATT Shine Wifi-X Dongle

GROWATT Shine Wifi-X Dongle

Growatt Shine Wifi X

Growatt Shine Link X wireless monitoring kit Buy Online – ITS Technologies
This product connects the RS-232 port of a Growatt inverter via the LAN standard 802.11 b / g / n with a router.

Growatt Solar System Shine Wifi-s/x Monitoring Module For Inverter - Buy  Growatt Inverter Wifi,Inverter Monitoring Module,Growatt Wifi Product on


  • Inverters of the Growatt -X series are suitable for this stick
  • The dongle is plugged into the existing RS-232 port and establishes the connection via a LAN router
  • The data of the connected inverters is saved for 30 days, even in the event of an internet failure

The distance between the Shine WiFi X is approx. 200m in freefield. In buildings with walls between the the Stick and the router the range can drop to 30m.

Several Shine Wireless WiFi X can be registered on the router.

The "Shine Phone" software can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
After installation and registration, the inverter or PV system data is displayed.

Growatt -X Series Datalogger - Monitoring - Growatt

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