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Solarni panel JETION 410W Half-cell, mono

Solarni panel JETION 410W Half-cell, mono

  • JT SEh 108 Cells / JT SGh 144 Cells
    144 cells Mono PREC Module, with Half-cut design and mature MBB tech, maximum power output 550W, is perfect for ground-mounted?industrial and commercial facilities and residential PV projects.
  • Module
    Split module design, 1/4 Rs loss; Current in half, lower hot spot temperature
  • Cell 91 x 182 mm
    MBB Mono PERC cells, with round solder strip, enhance power generation efficiency
  • Glass 3.2 mm
    High strength and transparency coated tempered glass
  • Frame 35 mm
    Ultra-strong anodized aluminum alloy frame, high mechanical load
  • Junction Box IP68
    High waterproof and dustproof level, higher security
  • Cable 4.0 mm2
    Special PV cable with high transmission performance, lower power loss

Cells:108 [2x(6x9)]

Module Dimensions:1724 x 1134 x 35 mm

Module Weight:22.2 kg

Jetion Solar has been investing continuously in PV technology innovations and one-stop solutions by upgrading our laboratory, employing promising R&D talents and building talent cultivate mechanism. We now have a senior R&D team consisting of doctoral graduates and high-level specialists. Meanwhile, by collaborating and building partnership with leading science research centers and universities, Jetion Solar keeps R&D team¬'s vitality in cutting-edge solar technologies and solutions.

Quality is the core competitiveness of Jetion Solar in the long-term development, and also winning by quality is the know-how of Jetion Solar to become a leading global PV manufacturer. In order to meet our customers' expectations for high quality and high reliability, we continue to invest in equipment upgrades, optimization and staff expertise training. Strict quality control system brings high-quality products. In some cases of early PV projects in Europe, our PV modules have been operating stably for more than 15 years. We are very proud of what we have achieved in quality.

The key to Jetion Solar's manufacturing excellence and quality management are: highly automated and intelligent factories with a global layout to meet different market needs; an advanced ERP system can ensure that our R&D centers and five global intelligent manufacturing plants synergy with business, planning, production and quality departments; the advanced manufacturing execution system (MES) ensures 100% traceability of the entire process from procurement of raw material to product delivery.

The high-efficiency modular automatic production line guarantees the quality and consistency of the product. In order to achieve high utilization and high efficiency, Jetion Solar systematically optimized the module production process to make each module relatively independent and also highly interconnected. We put forward a set of unique manufacturing process system that can improve the overall reliability and quality of the product through in-depth research on each process step. Meanwhile, the modular production line is easy to adjust and upgrade, which effectively improves the input-output ratio.
JT SSh(B)-mono 144 bifacial DG (9BB)(158.75)

Jetion Solar implements full transparent manufacturing management and quality control. Through a deeply customized ERP system, we can track all raw materials quality control status, production processes, testing and delivery, thereby achieve the full traceability of every single module. All production data of every module can be reviewed through the ERP system, and these data will be stored on our server for 20 years, so that we can conduct a retrospective investigation if necessary. Also based on these massive data, we have realized full-cycle monitoring of products, and provided data support for quality control, product performance and reliability improvement.

Jetion Solar has one of the top PV laboratories in the industry. Our laboratory has successfully received TMP lab certification issued by TÜV SÜD, WMTC certification issued by CSA, and CNAS accreditation by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.
Jetion Solar conducts more than 150 internal tests on raw materials and products through the laboratory. The test standards far exceed IEC/UL, so we can provide customers with high quality products. At any stage of the supply chain, you can fully trust in Jetion Solar's product quality and reliability.
Jetion Solar 550W JT550SGh (JT550SGh) • Cena, Opinie • Fotowoltaika  13349003968 • Allegro

Jetion Solar provides 12 years materials & workmanship warranty and 25/30 years performance warranty for the solar products. We have received all mainstream market certifications, including TÜV SÜD, UL, CSA, JET, CQC, BIS, Inmetro, etc. Meanwhile, we also collaborate closely with Munich RE to provide customers with product insurance services. With those, we are confident to secure customers' interests with long-term stability.

Jetion Solar R&D team has always been committed to the development and commercialization of new cell technologies. Meanwhile, we also pay close attention to the most advanced ultra-high efficiency PV cell technologies and have achieved some good results. Jetion Solar always adheres to the R & D philosophy of “Commercialize One Generation, Develop One Generation, and Reserve One Generation”. Jetion Solar continuously promote PV cell technology evolution and upgrade, and provide customers with higher efficiency and excellent quality PV products.
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