punjači za vozila Wallbox 5m Charge: Solar Shop


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punjači za vozila Wallbox

punjači za vozila Wallbox

Punjač vozila sa 5m kabela RFID+LCD ZA SVA VOZILA

    Aluminijsko kučište i kaljeno staklo maska. Najprodavaniji punjač vozila u HR - za punjenje VW-Audi - Mercedes - Tesla - Škoda - Citroen - Renault itd ….

    Fuji 7kW za poslovne subjekte ,hotele,javnu uporabu i kućanstva - izrazito robusan !
    Punionica vozila Punjači za elektro vozila 3kW - 240kW auto punjači  

    Communication: WIFI +Ethernet +OCPP1.6 J
    Control: Plug& Play, RFID cards, App
    IP Protection: IP54  
    · Compact design

    Attractive appearance, A4 print paper size, simple but elegant.
    · Full protection
    Full electrical protection, over/under temperature protection, etc.
    · Stable

    SOLAR SHOP Hrvatska www.solarno.hr 

    Dimensions: 410*260*165 mm
    Weight: 9kg /11 kg
    Certificates: CE, RoHS, REACH  
    IP65 protection grade, capable for harsh environment,salt-mist condition.
    · Intelligent
    Intelligent power adjustment, emergency stop, Wifi/APP/ethernet monitoring.
    · European standard
    OCPP v1.6 standard open communication protocol, IEC 62196 type II connector.
    · Easy to install
    Wall-mounting or pole-mounting optional

    Charging Mode 

    Plug & Play: If you own a private parking area, no other person can get access to the charger, then you can choose the mode "Plug & Play" mode.


    RFID Cards: If you are installing the EV charger outside, and someone can get access to the charger, then you can use the RFID cards to start and stop the charging.


    Remote Control by App: Our M3W EV charger supports the remote control by App, through OCPP 1.6J. If you have your own app, we can provide the technical service to connect your App. Now we also finished the development of our own App for home users.

    Smart Charging 

    Our App is finished with development, now it's under testing. All the new M3W wall box EV chargers can use the app to have a smart charging experience.


    Current Adjustment:  You can easily adjust the charging current to fit the balance load.


    Flexible Booking Function: The App supports charging booking to enable you to automatically start at any time you want. Choose the period which is cost-effective.


    Charging Report: All your charging records will be collected and tabulated to be a report.


    WIFI Configuration: You can easily configure the wifi of the EV charger with the APP.

    Punjač auta 7kW T2 Hybrida Električnih - Ispravljači/Pretvarači - OLX.ba 

    Load Balancing Management 

    EV charging load management balances energy demand throughout the day, with a focus on reducing energy usage during peak demands.


    Full Charging: When there is no other home appliance used in the house, the power is enough for the fully charging;


    Automatically Adjusting: when there are other home appliances working, the load on the main circuit is not enough for the full charging, so the Charge mate will adjust the EV charger to reduce the charging capacity.


    How it works ?: We have a current transformer to detect the balance current of the main circuit and automatically adjust the charging power of the EV charging stations, which will make the charging more scientific and efficient.


    PLC Wireless Communication: EV charging load management is delivered via a software-based, hardware-agnostic solution where the system is in constant communication with the vehicle charge points and the station’s power infrastructure.

    Safty Protection -Type B RCD

    Electric vehicle (EV) chargers - Within an electrical vehicle, the AC/DC conversion process ensures that charging of the electrical vehicle occurs within the confines of the electric vehicle itself. Electrical vehicle manufacturers state that, in the case of a 3-phase charger, DC current leakage can occur. The same phenomenon is replicated in the case of a single-phase charger with a boost stage.


    The electrical vehicle cannot be fully isolated and therefore proper protection against DC residual current is needed in the system. The protection can be accomplished either with a 6mA detection device (Residual direct current detecting device, RDC-DD) inside the charger or with a Type B RCD either inside the panel board or inside the charger itself.


    The Type B RCD ensures better continuity of service and protection because it will detect DC current and its tripping value is much higher than 6mA DC. The IEC 62643 requires that RCD trips for DC residual current are not greater than 60mA. This value is lower than the ventricular fibrillation threshold in DC. Type B RCD will also detect earth leakage current at frequencies higher than
    50/60Hz which is not the case with a 6mA RCD-DD.

    Summary of RCD types


Prirodna evolucija postupka punjenja e-vozila za vaš dom

Sve veći broj ljudi pridaje važnost temi zaštite okoliša. Stoga je električna mobilnost aktualna kao nikad dosad. Sustav je kompatibilan sa svim električnim i plug-in hibridnim vozilima. Stanica za punjenje vašeg električnog automobila kod kuće: najbolji spoj tehnologije, dizajna, funkcionalnosti i povezivosti u jednom od najnaprednijih wallboxova na svijetu. Pomoću stanice za punjenje MOON svoj ćete električni automobil napuniti sigurno, jednostavno i prije svega brzo - u garažama, podzemnim garažama, pod nadstrešnicama za automobile ili na 

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