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The ideal tool for optimizing energy consumption: The Meter Connection Box makes it easy to integrate energy meters into your plant monitoring system. It is connected directly to the S0 output of an energy meter, where it reads the meter changes. In combination with the Sunny WebBox and Sunny Portal, this allows you to conveniently and transparently view and analyze your personal energy balance. Depending on the constellation of connected energy meters, the device allows you to visually compare your purchased and generated energy as well as your PV self-consumption.


  • Logging the electricity purchased from the grid, feed-in and self-consumption
  • Clear display of data for analysis in Sunny Portal

Easy to use

  • Convenient installation with SMA communication products
  • Easy integration into existing PV plant monitoring via RS485


  • Compatible with standard energy meters with an S0 impulse output

CIJENA 1.890,00 kn